Arora Dental

Establishment under investigation (name and address) Arora Dental

79 Charing Cross Street, Brantford, ON N3R 2H7

​Establishment type ​Dental clinic
​Date health unit became aware of potential IPAC lapse ​February 22, 2024
Date of initial report posting ​February 29, 2024
​Date of initial report update(s) (if applicable)
​​How was the IPAC lapse identified? Complaint
​Date of on-site investigation ​February 26, 2024
​​Did the IPAC lapse involve a member of a regulatory college? ​​Yes; RCDSO
​​​​If yes, was the issue referred to the regulatory college? ​Yes; RCDSO
​​Were corrective actions recommended and/or implemented? ​Yes facility voluntarily closed. Corrective actions and recommendations were discussed with dental clinic owner.
​​Date of any order(s) or directive(s) issued to the owner/operator (if applicable) Dental clinic voluntarily closed on February 26, 2024, and confirmed they will not re-open until BCHU confirms that corrective actions are complete and proper reprocessing steps are in place 
​​Summary description of the IPAC lapse
  • Dental instruments/equipment were not pre-cleaned properly (e.g., enzymatic cleaner) or soaked after use.  
  • At time of the investigation, dental instrument/equipment manufacturer’s instructions for use (MIFU’s) were not available for review.  
  • Some instruments were not in the open position, disassembled and fully extended (i.e., forceps and syringe holders), and some sterile packages were overcrowded with equipment.  
​​Additional comments and/or updates to initial report Staff members responsible for any or all steps in reprocessing are recommended to complete the PHO modules for Reprocessing in Community Health Care Settings, and the Medical Device Reprocessing Techniques Online Course through the Medical Device Reprocessing Association of Ontario. 
Brief description of corrective measures taken
  • Instruments are being pre-cleaned using Biosonic UC150 with enzymatic cleaner.
  • MIFU’s for dental instruments are available onsite.
  • Sterile instruments observed to be in the open, disassembled, and fully extended position. Sterile packages were not overcrowded.
​Date all corrective measures were confirmed to have been completed March 8, 2024
​​Date of final report posting and/or any date of any updates to final posting March 12, 2024
​​Date of follow-up to confirm corrective actions taken and completed ​February 28, 2024
​Additional comments