Fluoride has been used to prevent tooth decay since the 1940’s in Canada. The mineral is added to public drinking water to protect all members of the community by making teeth more resistant to cavities. Fluoride can also occur naturally in well water, depending on the nature of surrounding rock and the presence of fluoride-bearing minerals.

In accordance with Safe Drinking Water and Fluoride Monitoring Protocol, the Brant County Health Unit checks the level of fluoride in our community water on a regular basis. If you are on a well and would like to check the level of fluoride that is present, you can bring a water sample to us at the health unit.

Many toothpastes and rinses contain fluoride. For an added level of protection, we can offer fluoride varnish that lasts up to a day on your child’s teeth.

It is important to follow the recommendations of your dentist when using fluoride with your child. Read the label to determine how much to use and monitor your child to ensure they do not swallow the toothpaste.

If you would like to learn more about fluoride varnish or to book a treatment, call 519-753-4937, ext. 450

Your child can receive free fluoride varnish treatments. These can help strengthen teeth and fight cavities.

Your child can start treatments as soon as the first baby tooth appears in the mouth. This can help prevent early childhood tooth decay.

Fluoride varnish is a protective coating that helps make teeth stronger and fix small cavities. It’s a liquid painted on your child’s teeth with a tiny brush​ and stays on the teeth all day. It takes only a few minutes.

Call us to book your child’s appointment: 519-753-4937 ext. 450.

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