Environmental Health and Safety

The Environmental Health team’s primary responsibility is to inspect fixed premises such as restaurants, pools, spas, small drinking water systems, seasonal housing units, special events, etc.

The Brant County Health Unit (BCHU) also inspects facilities with public access and that serves vulnerable populations, who are at an elevated risk of exposure to health hazards.  These facilities can include but are not limited to:

  • recreational camps
  • boarding/lodging homes
  • schools

Climate change is a growing concern, with serious implications for our overall health and safety. BCHU is responsible for responding to extreme heat, cold and air quality alerts. Additionally, they provide information on how to recognize signs of poor air quality, radon gas, nitrates, or mould in your home or environment. These conditions can pose serious safety concerns if they go unchecked and untreated.

Food safety is important to help prevent illness within your home. It’s important to know how to handle, prepare and store food in a manner that will retain food quality and keep your family safe from food poisoning. The Health Unit follows up on foodborne illnesses that occurs outside the home, at restaurants and public dining facilities.

You can learn more about what you can do to keep you and your family safe, by visiting the links below.

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