• Disease caused by a parasite or bug found in undercooked meat and in the feces (stool) of cats

Signs and Symptoms

  • Generally, people with toxoplasmosis have no symptoms.
  • In cases where symptoms appear, they can include: fever, sore throat, swollen glands, muscle pain and a general sick feeling.


  • Eating undercooked or raw meat
  • Poor hand washing after touching kitty litter, working in the garden or playing in outdoor sand boxes.
  • Toxoplasmosis can be passed from a pregnant mother to her baby


  • Most healthy people recover without treatment
  • For those who are very ill, a combination of drugs can be given


  • Wear gloves when cleaning kitty litter or when working in the garden. Wash hands afterwards.
  • Wash all surfaces that have touched raw meat.
  • Use a mix of nine parts water to one part household bleach to disinfect around the kitty litter box. Use 2 ml bleach in a liter of water for surfaces that touch food.