What is abstinence?

  • Abstinence is not having sex.
  • Abstinence means waiting until you are ready before having sex.
  • Even if you’ve had sex before, you can always decide not to have sex now.

How does it work?  

  • Partners agree to not have sex.
  • Abstinence can be different for everyone, it may be some kissing, hugging and sexual touching
  • Abstinence may be 100% effective in preventing pregnancy and protecting against sexually transmitted infections.
  • In order to protect yourself against most STI’s, there can be no exchange of body fluids or skin-to-skin genital contact.

What are the benefits of abstinence?

  • Abstinence does not have any side effects.
  • Abstinence is free
  • Abstinence prevents pregnancy
  • Abstinence can prevent STI’s

Why would a person choose abstinence over sex?

  • A person may want to wait until they are ready for a sexual relationship
  • A person may want to wait to find the right partner.
  • It may support a person’s moral or religious beliefs and values.
  • Abstinence could help get over a break up.
  • Practicing abstinence may be advisable during an illness or infection.
  • Saying no is not always easy, so before you get into an intimate situation, make a plan for sticking with your decision not to have sex.

When going out in a group or on a date always remember to:

  • Think ahead and have a way out
  • Leave the situation if you feel uncomfortable
  • Ask a friend to accompany you
  • Carry enough money for a cab or bus ride home when you go out either in a group or on a date

Sharing, caring, talking, laughing, getting through the tough times – these are some of the ingredients of a good relationship. Figuring out where sex fits into all this is tricky.

If you have questions about any of this sex stuff – ask! Your parents, uncle, sister, counsellor or partner can all help you find the answers.