Condom (male)

What is a male condom?

  • The male condom is a latex sheath that is rolled over a male’s penis to prevent secretions from entering another person’s body.


  • Latex condoms offer the best protection against most sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV infection than any other birth control method.

How does the condom work?  

  • The male condom is rolled over an erect penis. It prevents body fluids from mixing between partners.
  • Condoms are not reusable – used condoms must be tossed in the garbage after one use.
  • If an unused condom seems dry, stick, or stiff when it comes out of the package, or if it is past the expiry date, throw it away and use a new one.
  • Male condoms and female condoms should not be used together.

Where can I get condoms?

  • Condoms are available without a prescription, from pharmacies, public washrooms, supermarkets, convenience stores, family planning centres and the Brant County Health Unit.

What if the condom breaks during sex?  

  • Oil-based lubricants such as mineral oil, petroleum jelly, or baby oil can weaken a condom and cause it to break easily.
  • Do not use these substances with a condom.
  • Emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs) are available for females to take within 5 days after unprotected sex or if a condom breaks during sex.  Talk with your health care provider or call a Public Health Nurse at the Sexual Health Clinic at the Brant County Health Unit.